About Us

Who could disagree with that? If a communication drives the message right through, consider your brand to be ‘has arrived’.

The Intro.

Woodland of ART!

WE took the first step of our journey into a whole new world in 2002. The world of art, craft, storytelling and propaganda of kinds. The wonder-wood of art beckoned and wE followed into a world of colour, beauty and design. Where wE knew this exploration was one not to be missed.

And so wE set out. By the looks of it, this jungle seemed far from wild. But little did wE know, it was the wildest of them all – the corporate jungle. With grit and determination and a bagful of hope, wE embarked on our journey.

Time step by and slowly but surely wE inched closer to where we wanted to be. And here wE are today, growing and going stronger than ever. Of course, in a jungle where only the fittest survive, wE proved to be a lot more.

Our Focus.

Designing Journey!

“Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.” – Anne Morrow Lindber
Who could disagree with that? If a communication drives the message right through, consider your brand to be ‘has arrived’.

It’s that one element that makes the brand what it is. Like the swoosh of a popular shoe brand and the letter M of the people’s favourite fast-food joint. Perhaps the red and white contrast of an intellectual newspaper…each of which conjures and image and there, you’ve got a 100% brand recall.

Yes, that’s what we specialize in. Giving your brand an identity that stays long after the communication. Of course, we do follow a creative process that begins with:

An idea – where we dodge questions like ‘who, what, why and how’ to reach the common ground of an insight.

Being a 360 degree solution provider, we offer a broad spectrum of services other than graphics. For us, creativity takes center stage. In a more rustic sense, we believe creativity to be the king of the jungle. While creativity rules the throne, other aspects of this umbrella are as important to this kingdom.

Our Strength.

Our Team!

Dream big! That was the belief of a young girl who left the comfort of a high-paying job to follow her dream. Like every memorable journey that is fueled by passion, hers was no less. She lived and breathed her passion to make a mark in the field of creative design to show the world what she has to offer. 2 decades later, Megha Mehta is the Chief Operating Officer and Chairman of E-Design Studio, a creatively fueled design hot shop that caters to the unique packaging needs of a plethora of clients. Over 20 years, she built this fortress of creative solutions based on trust and skill alone.

Today, her team consists of highly skilled professionals right from creative directors, content writers, graphic designers, design consultants, 3d artist, web developers and so on who are experts in the field of graphic design solutions.